Turn Online Culture Around

How to Help Create a Positive Community Online

Being a #digitalcitizen is all about showing responsibility and respect in any community, both online and in real life. Here are some simple ways we can all help make a change during the #MonthofAction and help the #BystanderRevolution put an end to cyberbullying.

Don't be a bystander!

If you see something negative or inappropriate, report it. This will help make your online community a healthier and happier place for everyone!

Spread Positivity!

Positive thoughts are contagious. Post/comment/Tweet/etc. some positive ideas to your online community (and your real life community) and watch it spread!

Educate Others!

Modeling good #digitalcitizenship is the best way to pass it on to a larger population. Set a good example for others and have open conversations with students, kids, friends - anyone you can think of - about the importance of kindness and empathy IRL and online.