May and June 2023

CMM Newsletter

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Elise Eastin accepts Full-Time Faculty Appointment at CMM beginning August 2023

Coming from one of the strongest Master's programs of Piano Performance and Pedagogy in the country, Oklahoma University, she is excited to join CMM's team. With years of teaching experience, Miss Elise loves being able to help each student become the best version of themselves. She teaches beginner through advanced, and all musical styles. Her schedule will fill up fast, so anyone wanting to get on her calendar, please let us know now!


What a great year we had! Here are some of the highlights from the 2022-2023 Schoolyear:

  • Classical and Romantic Themed Fall Recital at Collora Pianos in Dallas
  • Holiday Gigs at Salubrious Juice Bar and The Pop Parlour
  • CMM Alumni Reunion
  • Adult Student Piano Party
  • Pop Recitals with rhythm section
  • Vocal Performance Class with the one and only, Damon Clark
  • Two Performance Classes
  • Achievement Exams
  • All-School Ensemble Week
  • Select students performed for the Mayor!
  • Community Outreach at Retirement Centers
  • Numerous students completing the Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Exams
  • Exponential musical growth!

Summer Scheduling Do's & Don't

A few summer lesson guidelines to be aware of:

  • Summer lessons are flexible, but please plan ahead as much as you are able out of courtesy to your teacher and his/her schedule.
  • Please bring all lesson materials to each lesson! This includes the students assignment binder and ALL music that is listed for summer projects.
  • Last-minute (less than 48 hour notice) cancellations will NOT be rescheduled. This means that if a last minute pool party comes up, you are making the choice to forfeit your lesson if you choose not to attend.
  • No-shows cannot be rescheduled.
  • All schedule changes are self-managed through your My Music Staff account. If you need to make a change a week in advance, please feel free!
  • Please do not try and add a lesson to your teachers schedule less than 48 hours in advance.
  • If you no-show or cancel less than 48 hours in advance of a group class, you are not eligible to attend a different class. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.
  • Many of our faculty members drive 45-60 minutes one way to get to CMM. In the event your child is the only one on the schedule, your teacher may reach out to you (48 hours in advance) and see if you could come on a different day/time OR do online.