Natural features that make up the Earth's surface

Landforms are a way to describe what the land looks like in an area. They affect the way that people live in a region.

Major Landform Regions Around the World

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Task #1

Complete the chart handed out in class by completing the description and diagram of each landform. Look up where you might find that particular landform and identify it and its location in the example column.

Task #2

Work with a partner. Review the map above and discuss patterns in the locations of each landform type. Also identify reasons why it might be useful to know the patterns of landforms around the world.

Task #3

Think of the ways that the landforms near your home affect you and your activities in the community. Explain your ideas in a labeled diagram, paragraph, podcast, or photo essay. Feel free to create your own Smore :-)

The answer to this question is to be completed and handed in next period: Monday, October 27th