Eagle Eye E-News January 11-15

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

What's Coming Up This Week?

Monday- Show your South Carolina Pride today by wearing orange! Encourage students to wear orange too!
  • 11:45 Rhonda off campus for book study
  • 1:15 2nd Grade Extra Planning

- Report Cards Go Home TODAY!
  • 8:00 Pastries with the Principal- Any parent who wants informal time to share concerns or asks questions is welcome to join me in the conference room for pastries and coffee.
  • 10:30 Rhonda in a meeting
  • 12:40 Kindergarten Assistants meet
  • 3:00 Leadership Team Meeting

Wednesday- Grade Level PLC Meeting

  • 8:00 PTO Meeting
  • 10:00 Rhonda at the DO
  • 3:00 R2S Foundations Class

Friday- Tailgate Friday: Soups

  • The magician will be at EPES today as a Run-A-Thon reward. A specific schedule will be sent.

Future Events

  • January 18: Student Holiday
  • January 19: Catawba Nuclear Faculty Meeting followed by Conclusion of January Committee Meetings
  • January 22: Immersion Movie Night
  • January 25: Wellness Committee Meeting
  • January 26: Collaborative Tuesday Meeting will be at Rawlinson Road Baptist Church
  • January 30: Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball Game
  • February 1: Ebinport Chorus Sings National Anthem at Winthrop
  • February 5: Terrific Kid Ceremony

I will be analyzing F and P data this week in preparation for presenting this at my mid-year principal evaluation. Please make sure your excel document is up to date and accurate!

Schools of Choice

The concerns and suggestions regarding schools of choice from this week's grade level meetings were shared with Dr. Pew. If you have additional thoughts you would like to be known let me know, I am happy to pass this along.

Related Arts Enrichment Rotation

2nd Grade

Chinese: Ms. George
PE: Ms. Burnette
Computer Lab: Sra. Avilez de Hudson
Media Center/Guidance: Ms. Reid and Ms. McGuirt

Standardized Testing Information

We are administering SCPASS Science and Social Studies (grades 4 – 8) online this year so we will have a test window instead of specific test dates.

Our district testing window is May 11 – May 27.

School specific dates are still to be determined and will most likely vary by school.

The dates for SC READY ELA and Math (grades 3 – 8) are still to be determined.

More information will be provided as we get it.


HI all! Ms. Brown requested that your copy accounts be loaded with 2500 copies promised to you mid-way through the year as long as you hadn't requested these be loaded earlier than mid-year.

Also, on many occasions I have been asked if you can use your teacher supply money to print at the print center. My answer has always been "no." However, Ms. Walkup and I talked today and we believe that we have found a way to be able to allow this to happen. So, we are going to allow you to try this if you wish to do so. If you put an order in for the print center it will be deducted from the supply money given to you by the school. We cannot allow you to try and write the school a check or use any other funding source. As is now the case, Ms. Walkup will deduct the cost of printing from your school budget money as if you were making a traditional purchase from a store. If you need to know how much money you have remaining you may inquire with Ms. Walkup.

Morning Meeting Focus This Week

This week we revisit hallway expectations. Please reinforce what is expected of students while they are in the hallways.

Here are the expectations established through the leadership team for hallway behaviors:

1) Students should walk with 2 feet in the blue squares on the right side of the hallway. This should be happening even if students are walking without an escort to the library or restroom.

2) Students should not talk or make noises in the hallway.

3) Students should not touch the walls or hallway displays. If you wish to do "lips and hips" that is fine.

Please remember in our school ALL students are "ours!" Any adult should remind students of expectations established for common areas in our building regardless of whether students are with another adult. It takes a village!

Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation Grant

Grants are due February 1, 2016. Click here to apply!

Safety Committee Notes From December

Rosters ? Some people are still getting used to taking them to special areas.

Students being dropped off incorrectly. Note has been drafted. Dangerous for kids being dropped off in the wrong lane. Suggestions were to have someone to stand out in the morning to direct cars into the correct lane. Starting tomorrow, writed own names of those that you needed to ask to pull back around. If parents are still not following procedures, calls/notes could be sent to specific offenders.

Little things that are bugging us:

Girls on the Run are not supervised while they are changing in the bathrooms. Girls should sit in the car rider line until advisor/coach comes to pick them up.

2nd grade had a student refuse to go out of school during fire drill. What should the procedure be? Committee asked Kevin Wren- Every building needs to have at least 5 people trained in CPI . If it is a drill, leave student attended in room. If it is a real fire, pick up kid and take them out. Whoever is in charge of that particular zone, becomes in charge of that student.

Off-site meeting place- Kevin Wren feels it is important to have a meeting place. Reach out to Chandler Place. Bank, old Gold’s Gym? Westminster Catawba?

Crisis Management Plan- Fire Evacuation routes need to be put back in rooms. Pigtailing- extension cords and power strips- no two extensions, no residential extension cords All extension cords should be commercial (3 prong) put in a work order in for needs. An extension cord cannot go into a power strip and vice versa.

24 inch clearance from the ceiling for all storage.

Curtains must be sprayed.

Soccer goals needed sand bags on them.

Make sure that when you go out an exterior door, it closes all the way.

Door not opening all the way to soccer field. Door gets stuck on concrete.

Nothing within 3 feet of breaker box.

All gates on kindergarten gates are not within compliance. Gates are being changed out. All kindergarten teachers need to have a gate key. Work order needs to be put in for keys.

Fire Code-

Winthrop Back the Pack Game

Back the Pack with Winthrop Basketball is Saturday, Jan 30! WU Women play at 1 pm and WU Men play at 4pm. Here are a couple of reminders and upcoming deadlines.

What is new?:

Entry: This year entry into the games can be done two ways. 1) Donate juice boxes or individually boxed snack crackers OR 2) Donate $3 per person to Back the Pack to receive admission. No, we will not turn away anyone that brings a can of green beans, we just want to encourage donations that can be better used by BTP. Any donations that BTP can't use will be donated to local organizations and greatly appreciated.

Sponsors: We are incredibly grateful to our community sponsors that continue to make this event a success. This year we have raised over $11,000 in support - all of which goes directly to your schools or BTP! The Kiwanis Club of Rock Hill has come along side us this year to partner on the event! Additionally, Williams & Fudge is a presenting sponsor.

Event Details:

Flyers: You will receive BTP flyers for take home folders from the District soon. They will also distribute using Peachjar. Please distribute the paper flyers as soon as possible.

Prizes: Remember that we will be giving out 4 cash prizes at the event: $1000 to the school with the most attendee (as determined by number of ticket stubs) and $500 each to 2nd and 3rd place. There will also be a $1000 random drawing at halftime of the men's game. All 17 schools (minus the ones that win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will be entered into this random drawing.

Halftime competition: We will choose a 4th or 5th grade student to compete in the halftime competition.

Seating:We have optional seating sections at the games to help students find their friends from school and promote school spirit. General seating tickets will be issued at the gate and attendees are welcome to find their school section for seating. Please note that some schools will share sections, but that there should be plenty of seats within the assigned section. (These are the same sections as previous years)

section 104

Children’s School section 105

Ebenezer Avenue section 127

Ebinport section 103

Finley Road section 104

Independence section 128

India Hook section 103

Lesslie section 119

Mount Gallant section 126

Mount Holly section 119

Northside section 120

Oakdale section 118

Old Pointe section 118

Richmond Drive section 128

Rosewood section 126

Sunset Park section 127

York Road section 120

Safety Committee Meeting January

• We’re getting about half of the class rosters during specials. Encourage your colleagues about this during Wednesday meetings.

• Some parents are walking into the building in the morning without stopping at the office first. Is this a problem? Yes. Who should be catching these parents if it is a problem? What time does lobby duty begin? Is it their job to stop them? Still need for parents to be announced before they are allowed to come to rooms. If parents are here for discipline meetings, how do we have parent leave? Does the parent need to be escorted by person in charge of meeting? Should student need to wait until teacher can escort child down for meeting? Parents need to be announced for any reason. ****Parents need to be notified by principal that teacher must be notified if parent is here to see them and check to see if it is a good time to meet or if a conference needs to be scheduled.

• CPI training info from Mrs. VanderMolen o When are we allowed to physically move a child? o Who can physically move a child?

o How do we move them appropriately during a drill or real event (drills are practicing for the real event, so should they really be any different?)?

o What protection against lawsuits do we have if we physically restrain or move a child?

o Do teachers need to decide among their grade-level who is going to do the training (need one per grade?)?

Mrs. Vandermolen spoke about her training. Can they come to school and speak to us? Mrs. Vandermolen said that she could speak to the faculty. The district would like for more faculty members to be trained. We need more teachers to be trained to comply with multiple-person restraints.

• Other:

o Any emergency drills to discuss?

o We will be meeting with Kevin Wren at another meeting in the future to discuss the Crisis Management Plan

o Any little things bugging you?

Beautification Committee

C. Murals- reported to committee that PTO has plans for additional murals. Mrs. Doster’s mother, Becky Ramsey, will be contacted to make repairs on existing murals. The committee wonders if PTO is taking into consideration the possible building plans and will wait to see what, if any, changes/additions are made before murals are added.

D. Flowers from ATC

Ms. Parrish contacted ATC by email to inquire about the flowers, but has received no response. She will try again.

E. Planters on wheels with live palms or other type of hearty plant for both sides of front door to be used on stage for events. The committee will check prices and report back to committee.

F. Bulletin boards for Mrs. Collins. She has completed most boards and will check to see if an additional board could be hung in 5th grade hall between Parrish’s and Blasingame’s room.


* The committee asked that the Recycling Team and the Litter Bug Busters be treated to hot chocolate and donuts one morning to show our appreciation for the job they are doing. Ms. Parrish will take care of that in the coming weeks prior to ur next meeting.

* LOST AND FOUND ITEMS- we will lay out what we have by Friday of this week and give students Friday, Monday, and Tuesday a chance to look for lost items. Whatever is not claimed will be donated on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. This will be announced each day on morning announcements and the EbinReport so that all students get the message.

Student Leadership

Student Council (Hannah Lunny). The next meeting will be “tentatively” scheduled for January 26th. They will be discussing Spring Service Projects.

Junior Beta Club (Mandy Riley)

Badges and certificates arrived. A Beta Club Newsletter will be sent out to parents to let parents know available times to meet. A link to the newsletter will be sent to committee members. Mrs. Riley would like for members to meet once a month. The committee discussed possible times to meet. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday January 22, at 7:10am. Meetings will continue once a month on the third Friday of each month. All members (4th and 5th graders) will attend.. Newsletters will be sent as reminders. Mrs. Riley would like to use Smore Flyers as the service and plans to use some of the dues to cover cost once free subscriptions run out. Calendar fundraiser will be postponed for next year. She requested ideas for service projects. Next order of business will be to set the date for Induction Ceremony and fundraisers.

Student Ambassadors Mrs. Rutledge has a list of all students who have been chosen. The members will be announced in the Parent Newsletter and emailed to all.

Chinese Celebration: Mrs. Chen has incorporated some practice time in class, but wants to select children for specific activities. She would like for many students to be involved and possibly some teachers. She would like to invite other Chinese teachers to help with the program as well. This program would take place in March, possibly at night. We will look for a night in March to schedule it.

Sunshine Committee


* January 15th: Soups, condiments, and sides (bread, crackers) in workroom

o Send out announcement this week and 2 reminders next week

o Hornsby: crackers, cheese, sour cream

o Jackson: bowls & spoons

* February 19th: Heart-healthy (your favorite Valentine snack)