A big sport event for the ESH

Just a few more weeks...

...and then, the Netherlands will gain a King instead of a Queen! Enjoy this change while it can, because his daughter will follow him as Queen after that... But we at ESH will celebrate with a big event to make this a day to remember!

Inauguration Games / Koningsspelen

Friday, April 26th 2013 at 8:30am-12pm

2 Houtrustweg

The Hague, ZH

8:30 - 9:30 - A Healthy Breakfast at School

9:30 - Collective "Kick-Off of the day", live on TV in the Canteen

9:45 - Start of the Games

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Continuation

12:00 - End of the festive morning, then we will eat our lunch all together (pancakes!).

12:30 - In the afternoon (the last afternoon before the holiday), it is a free play afternoon organised by the class teacher.

14:30 - We all meet in the hall to end the day together in a festive manner.

15:00 - Start of our holiday!

What do we do as a staff beforehand?

Party Squad (PS) (at school)

  • The PS will meet at school at 8:00 to set up the beamer on the stage in the canteen and decorate the school in a lovely orange theme. Everybody dresses up in orange for that day!

Breakfast Squad (BS) (by car)

  • People assigned to the BS will be coming to school by car and meet at Jumbo at 8:00 that day to collect our (free!) school breakfast.

What happens during the day?

At the coming staff meeting we will explain all the games and who needs to prepare what. You will have to find the needed materials yourself (but the activities will be easy).