Navruz In Uzbekistan

Foods, Traditions, and More

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Imagine yourself walking through the streets where the loud and charming sounds of pipes entertain your soul. Where attired people are dancing and singing under shining spring sun with warm smiles on their faces. Where everyone is willing to have you as a guest and offer you a big plate of fresh, hot meal. Where do you think you are? Navruz of course!

origin or also known as...

Navruz is also known as nowruz, noruz, nowrooz, nawruz. it is commonly called nowruz but in my opinion I like the name navruz better. the word navruz is also a rare Uzbek name usually a boy name.
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navruz jurakobilov

the picture above is a photo of navruz jurikobilov. he is one of the not very many people named navruz. he is a famous judoka or judo wrestler. he is 30 years old and is almost completely undefeated. he was also in the 2012 Olympics and got a gold medal.
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