Poisonous Gas


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What does Poisonous Gas do?

  • Poisonous Gas burn soldier's throats and lungs and eventually led to suffocating respiratory failure.
  • German dropped small bombs containing the potent gas in enemy trenches, making it difficult for Allied ground forces to see breathe or escape the fumes.

How does the Poisonous Gas work?

  • Sulfur mustard is a type of chemical warfare agent.
  • Sulfur mustard sometimes smells like garlic, onions, or mustard and sometimes has no odor. It can be a vapor (the gaseous form of a liquid), an oily-textured liquid, or a solid.
  • Sulfur mustard can be clear to yellow or brown when it is in liquid or solid form.

Was the Poisonous Gas successfully used?

  • The use of Poison gas was widely condemned and hurt German with an extensive propaganda campaign, but gas usage continued to escalate throughout the war.