Flyers oh yes

An exciting (!) flyer your students can create

Students say their main point here

This is where they tell us all their wonderful insights!
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Demonstrating exitement

Could take place in dance format or facial expressions
The Chainsmokers - #Selfie (The Dancing Usher vs Excited Young Fan)

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  1. a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

    "her cheeks were flushed with excitement"

    synonyms:exhilaration, elation, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, anticipation,feverishness, fever, delirium, agitation, emotion, fire, fieriness, intensity,zeal, zest; Mo

    • plural noun: excitements

      "the excitements of the previous night"

      synonyms:thrill, thrilling sensation, exciting sensation, adventure, treat; More

Workshops to extend excitement

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