7Burgundy Newsletter

January 2014

Upcoming Events

  • Field trip to Super China Buffet, Jan. 31. Cost =$12

(Permission Slips will be coming home soon!)

Social Studies


I thoroughly enjoyed looking over the students' India projects, I appreciate the hard work!

We have begun the study of Ancient China. Using the Close Reading method, students are learning how to better wrangle all of the information that non-fiction material has to offer.

We are also focusing on a paired down version of vocabulary to develop a deeper understand and proper use of the terms as it relates to the unit of study.

After studying how geography impacts how people live, we will learn first hand through a field trip to a Chinese Restaurant at the end of January...also tying in with the Chinese New Year. Be on the look out for more detailed information.


Happy New Year! This semester, we are switching gears and now focusing our attention on Cells and Human Body Systems. This week and next will focus on Parts of Cells, Cell Theory, and Mitosis. The cell unit will then end with a board game project. For the Cell Unit, there will not be a test at the end of the unit; however, there will be a few open note quizzes. It is extremely important for students to stay on top of his or her work and use time in class wisely!!!

Important Dates:

January 14th: Parts of Cell Quiz (open note)

January 21st: Cell Cycle Quiz (allowed to use Mitosis Flip Book for quiz)

January 22nd & 23rd: Work Days for Cell Board Game (bring materials!)

January 27th: Cell Board Game Project Due today!!

January 31st: China Day with Team (Field Trip to China Buffet)

Language Arts

Welcome back! I have to admit that I was really excited to come back to work after the break - I genuinely missed my students! We're coming back to a more organized Language Arts. That just means that we will have specific things we do on specific days. For example, we'll have a grammar lesson every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and silent reading time on Thursdays.

We're now into our unit on Greek Mythology and I think the students are loving it as much as I am. This is a three week unit, so it's not very long but it is very intense. The while unit is worth 300 points, so please keep on top of all assignments which can be found on my website.

Here's to a great second semester!


Happy 2014! Both my Pre-algebra 7 and Algebra 1A classes will be working on similar concepts this quarter. We have started with similar figures and solving proportions. Students will have a small test (large quiz) on Friday January 24th. We will then begin our extensive geometry unit which includes a large out of class project. Students will receive more information about this project near the end of January.