Written by Sam Byers


Idiopathy follows three people, Katherine, Daniel, and Nathan figure out how they feel about each other as they struggle to understand themselves. Watch Katherine struggle against her own bad personality traits as Daniel realize his. Watch Nathan bring them together only to tear them apart. Watch as the world around them becomes as crazy as they are. Breakouts of Mad Cow Disease, rehab, unwanted pregnancy, love and loneliness. Full of sarcasm and sure to break you're heart.

If I could change one thing in the book related to plot, setting, or character, what would I change?

I don't much care for the whole situational Mad Cow Disease. I mean it adds a certain element to the inherent madness of the world around them and it certainly has some metaphorical values but I sort of see it as a cheap and obvious tactic to relate the story to the real world. Not to say that anything about the story seems to be just a story but I feel like it cheapens the story as a whole and I would rather it not be there at all.

What was the book really about?

To me this book was the embodiment of perfect imperfection. The characters weren't perfect in any regards and that's what made it so important to me. I could relate to it so well because I am not flawless in any way. It was sort of a harrowing experience as I could see some flaws that I saw in myself destroying other people in the book. It is a very unique experience as it doesn't revolve around major events but people that feel real in a sense that it doesn't focus on them doing something particularly important but rather that they were dealing with their lives, which if we admit it, are not that different from our own. It gave me characters that I could wholly relate to. They weren't changing the world. They weren't overcoming some impossible obstacle. They were dealing with their lives as would anyone else. It is a concept we don't see as much of anymore in media and I helped me appreciate myself in a new way, as a human being with flaws.

Who would I recommend this book to?

Well you for starters. It has a lot of curse words but it is a helpful step in accepting yourself as you are. As far as more vague suggestions. I would suggest this book to everyone who has a unique sense of self and doesn't mind a lot of cursing. If you enjoy things that make you laugh, cry and feel strangely good about yourself then go on ahead. It truly is a fantastic novel and an experience I'd like to share.