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Media Literacy WHAT?

In the past a letter would travel through a horse, boat, train & now we have media that makes all of that easier & faster. Media was made to communicate with others, find out what’s going around & just for plain entertainment. Media is making our lives for the good but also for the bad. The good thing about Media is making things faster & easier for us like finding information but we are getting addicted to it & lazy too, not all of us but a good percent of us are. Media is in many forms like social media, TV, radio, & entertainment. Media helps us with our jobs, college, & just to keep up with what’s going on with our friends or relatives & the world. Media is a part of our life now in the 21st century. The more technology grows & involves so those media & an example of this is Social Media.

Social media are websites & applications that let us create, share, & participate in social networking. Social media is plainly Facebook, google, Instagram, & internet. Social media is a form we communicate that will be easier & maybe even cheap. Social media is becoming more beneficial for us like finding things faster & easier & with things we are searching that back in the “Golden age” it took so long to find one piece of work. Both Media & Social Media have their good & bad but its all around us & its helpful & useful in so many ways.

Superbowl Commercial Precis


The Beats Electronics owned by Apple and AT&T Family plan, commercial, Ellen’s Big Game, on Feb 15, 2014, suggests that now you can enjoy both Beats with your own family plan and listen to the perfect music to dance to or listen to and its made just the way you like it.

A Dystopia


Something Wicked This Way Comes


Is a Dystopian Future Inevitable?


How to Avoid Dystopia?

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