Las Fallas

Olivia Mathieson

Las Fallas in Valencia

Las Fallas is a celebration of longer, warmer days. It is also a celebration of the feast day of Saint Joseph, who was the patron saint of carpentry. It originated back when laborers worked very hard in the winter by the light of oil lamps. These oil lamps were hung on wooden beams. When spring came there was no need for them anymore. The celebration last for five days; from March 15-19. While celebrations take place all over Spain, the most renowned celebration takes place in Valencia, Spain. During this time creators and builders all come together with homemade statues called ninots. The creators and builders make these out of papier-maché and cardboard. The statues are very elaborate, depicting celebrities, political figures, and current events of the past year. The ninots are very time consuming to make, despite this the statues are burned on the last night of the festival at mid-night.

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