Leap Into Literacy 4th Grade


Reading Workshop

Unit 4: Historical Fiction Clubs

In this unit students need to gather a lot of information, so details matter.

Some essential reading tools for this unit are:

  • timelines
  • graphic organizers
  • list of characters
In the first chapters of a complex novel, there is so much new information readers need to gather. To keep track of this, readers need to understand that stories unfold along two timelines, the historical timeline as well as their story timeline.

Book Club Constitutions

Getting students into clubs right away, creating a constitution for their club i.e., listening to every member, what active listening really looks and sounds like should be done during bend 1.

Writing Workshop

The " Big Ideas" of 4th Grade - Unit 4

The Literary Essay

Goal of Unit: To make reading a more intense, analytical experience for young people that allows them to advance an idea about literature

  • Students receive many experiences writing arguments about texts
  • Uses what they already learned in the opinion unit
  • Central to Common Core Standards- and lays the foundation for them to meet the ambitious Common Core standards for fifth grade

Bend I:

  • Students learn to "mine a text" for ideas about characters' traits, motivations, troubles, changes and relationships
  • This work is closely linked to the work on essays prior to this unit in opinion writing.
  • Students draft several essays about a familiar short text with a feedback cycle

Bend II:

  • Students learn to think more interpretively about texts, analyzing characters, plot lines for complexities, lessons learned and overarching text complexities
  • Launch a small sequence of work that aims to teachbout the power of high-interpretive readings
  • Students think about favorite texts

Bend III:

  • Students learn to compare and contrast analyses across two different texts
  • Compare and contrast themes and topics across two texts with similar subjects
  • Think about the subject and the author's treatment of that subject
  • Students learn to write a compare-and-contrast evidence and cite text in a purposeful way