Zoo Proposal

Kinetic Energy Student Example

The Animals I Researched:

My Calculations:

I researched each animal's mass and velocity (speed) to find the best fitting animals for your new exhibit. I believe that these three animals are good choices. The graph below will show you each animal's kinetic energy, or the energy it has while it's in motion.

My Top Choice:

Even though a horse's kinetic energy is higher than a cheetahs, horses are common. Cheetahs are not. Because of the cheetah's speed and not being from around here, I think that you should choose a cheetah. This video is proof that cheetahs are fast and an interesting animal.
Cincinnati Zoo Cheetah Sets New World Speed Record in 100 Meter Run

Cheetah LIfe Span

The customers at your zoo would love to know how fast the cheetah is when it is young and when it's older. The graph below shows the kinetic energy of a cheetah from birth to adulthood.

Cheetahs-The Way to Go!

Cheetahs are a rare and exotic animal with high kinetic energy. Because you are looking to benefit from opening a new kinetic energy exhibit, I would suggest a cheetah. They have everything a visitor to the zoo wants:

  • speed
  • rarity
  • kinetic energy
  • exotic background

Cheetah - Super Slow Motion (HD)