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Check out the inspiration and tips for our new Fall line!

The Inspiration Behind Stella & Dot's new Fall Line From Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris

Blythe Harris is the creative force behind Stella & Dot's beautiful designs. Truly an artist who finds inspiration EVERYWHERE! I had the opportunity to hear her speak in person on her design inspiration behind this new line - AMAZING! She's worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton... was an artist in residence @ Parson's School of Design/ recipient of FGI's (Fashion Group Int'l) Rising Star Award for Accessories, etc. Her accolades are too many to list and her experience and background is global. Hear her thoughts on our new line in this video!...
The Inspiration Behind The Fall Line From Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris

Personalized Jewelry - the layers you NEVER take off!

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