Star girl

treasure migift dixon

about the mysterious of stargirl

this book is about a mysterious girl who begins school and she is very , very ,very different than everyone.she carries a Ukalalee and has a pet rat name Cinnomon she knows everyone's birthday and never fails to sing the birthday song to them when there's floats around.The main Charachter (look in the book for his name, I forget it) begins to fall for this girl just as the school starts to turn against her. Their school was once awful at basketball and when she becomes a cheerleader she has everyone whooping and cheering and their team becomes unbeatable.

stargirl cheers

But star girl cheers for everyone cheering for their school. Anyways, on every holiday she leaves little gifts on her home room's desks. At the end she shows up at the dance and gets everyone dancing and "bunny hopping" away. The popular girl tells her how she's so weird, blah blah, and slaps her! Star Girl just kisses her cheek. She is no longer seen after the dance. I am a pretty bad story teller, so here's a site to summaraize it.

stargirl is home schooled

Fast-forward a few years. Star girl, who up till now has been home schooled starts school at Mica High as a tenth grader, where Leo is starting his eleventh grade year. Star girl entrance to school is a Big Deal for all the students in this small Arizona town. She immediately starts a stir with her wacky outfits and even more wacky behavior. She does all sorts of stuff that students at Mica High just don't get. Most importantly, she's friendly all the time, even though no one seems friendly back. We can sum her up the same way the older, scholarly gentleman, Archie, affectionately calls her: she's a "rara avis," which translates into "rare bird." Word.

star girl continues to take the school by storm. The students are slow to warm up to her; she is nothing like they have experienced before. Hillary kimble, for one, is totally determined to destroy any chances she has at making friends. However, a few things fall together for Star girl, and after a very entertaining incident at a football game, she joins the cheer leading squad. Bingo. She's in. Suddenly, she's popular, and Leo's thoughts become more and more consumed with her.But the dream can't last forever, folks. Her enthusiastic cheer leading which made her popular in the first place, eventually leads to Star girl downfall. She cheers for everyone, in every situation, not just her home team.


And while the students are happy with her upbeat kindness when it's aimed at them, they totally turn on her when her kindness extends to a member of the opposing team. Her fall from popularity is fast and ruthless. Everyone stops talking to her with the exception of two people: her one loyal friend dori dilson, and Leo, who is too dizzy in love to see what's really going on.When Leo emerges a bit from his foggy love-haze, he realizes the full extent of the shunning and also realizes that he is a target, too. Yikes. This thrusts him smack-dab in the middle of an internal conflict that continues for much of the rest of the novel. He needs to decide who he cares about more: Star girl or everyone else? He continues to stand by her side, but breaks down one day and tells her how bummed he is now that everyone hates him. He tells her that she has to change in order for them to stay together. Star girl cries, and then just like that, she disappears.

leo is ticked

Leo is ticked, and Star girl knows it. She accepts the fact that he cannot love her for who she is, and tells him that she's cool if he doesn't invite her to the upcoming dance, so Leo doesn't go at all. Star girl goes to the ball by herself, looking stunning as usual, and has a blast. Suddenly, the shunning is over. Suddenly, she is the Queen Bee again, leading everyone in a rousing rendition of the bunny hop.