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Royal Oak Special Education Updates - October 2016

Welcome New Staff!

The Special Education Department for Royal Oak Schools is pleased to welcome new staff for the 2016-17 school year. These professionals bring knowledge of best practice, passion for their discipline and energy to ignite sparks for greater learning! As we complete out first 6 weeks of school our new colleagues have already shown us their ability to be a contributing member of a building, engage is professional learning and demonstrate respect for student growth and developing strong relationships. We are so very pleased to welcome the following members to our Community of Excellence!

Armen Gulian - Speech Pathologist

Katherine Daibess - Occupational Therpaist

Colleen Davis - Social Worker

Sarah Labadie - Elementary ASD Teacher

Lauren Leitheim - Academic Support Teacher - ROMS

Jennifer McElroy - Early Intervention Program

John McAskin - Adult Transition Teacher

Jason Palazzolo - Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

Coach the Coach IEP Training

Royal Oak Schools along with representatives from 27 school districts in Oakland County are participating in a year long workshop and district study to improve IEP compliance for the county. The goal of this program is to work toward a shared understanding for every district in the development of strong and compliant IEP's. Our leaders in Royal Oak include representation from elementary, middle school and the high school: Dina Bansen, Julie McCormick, Kelly Michael, Patti Oleary-Dunn, Jason Zewatsky and Jane Flarity-Gram. Our progress has been shared during our Wednesday, professional development time and the entire special education department will continue to review IEP's at every level and learn how to become stronger in our practice.

Adult Transition Program - Trails

Our Adult Transition Program is off to a great start during this first school year. Currently, we have six students who attend TRAILS. They are busy in the classroom, community and at job sites. The TRAILS Staff includes their special education teacher, Mr. John, Speech Pathologist, Miss Lori, Occupational Therapist, Miss Katey, Social Worker, Miss Teresa, Physical Therapist, Miss Chris, Transition Coordinator, Mr. Rob and Program Supervisor, Mr. Jason. They also have three dedicated paraprofessionals who spend many hours assisting students throughout their day, Miss Barbara, Miss Kristen and Mr. Chris. We are excited to see the growth and development of our program and the adult students they serve!

Bridges Halloween Games Day Party

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 3-3:45pm

Royal Oak High School

This special gathering is for our students who participate in the high school "Lunch Bunch"

Program. Many fun-filled activities have been planned for our students to encourage social skills and communication. We are looking forward to a successful event!