Sue's News

January 23, 2015

Moving Students

It was brought to my attention by FHEA that there is a concern about how many students have had their classrooms changed this year. I wanted to clarify the top reasons students are moved.

1. Bullying Issues: sometimes no matter what interventions are in place we have to get a student out of a situation

2. Parent request: parents are the educational decision makers. We try to talk them out of moving their children, but if we cannot, we move them. I also strongly believe it is not good to bring the teacher in if the parent is not going to treat you with respect. Hopefully, by the time they are asking for a move, you have done everything in your power to please them anyway.

3. Safety: sometimes it is a safety issue and just has to be done.

Please do not hesitate to come talk to me if you have concerns about this. I believe we will be seeing more of these types of situations with all the trauma in our students' lives.

Where in the World is.......................Mrs. Hendricks' Office

You may have noticed that Sandy seems to spend a lot of time in her booth. LOL

She no longer has an official office. It has been turned in to a production studio to do all those fabulous projects with our students. Kudos to the Learning Commons and all the wonderful techy things going on in there.

Don't Forget

Faculty Meeting: Monday, January 26 at 3:30

Pat and Sue out: Thursday, January 29

Sue at Principal's Meeting: Friday, January 30

Let me know what you think of the new format.