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I really enjoyed catching up personally with so many of you last week. I hope those of you who I spoke to are feeling confident and ready to take action with a plan in place! Having a gameplan is so important to your success. It can be one daily task or 10, that part is up to you, but make yourself a plan and make a point to follow through. Here are a couple of ways to maximize your time.

1. The Daily List

Each night before going to bed, make a list of the things you want to accomplish tomorrow. When I do this I don't limit it to only work, because Younique is just a part of my busy day! Be sure to make do-able steps on this list. For example, instead of putting "Clean the House" maybe put "Do 2 loads of laundry, Vacuum" and then add another 1-2 chores to the next day. Putting big steps (or tasks you know you're going to put off - be honest with yourselves ladies!) is only going to sabotage your efforts and will end up throwing off your whole day!

2. In Sight - In Mind!

Do you use planner? How about a dry-erase board in your kitchen? I have a dry erase board that has the 7 days of the week on it and I put daily tasks for myself on that board. The things that happen every week, without fail, go on that board. It helps me keep the bigger picture in mind and works in conjunction with my daily list. The ticket to this method working is having your board/planner in a place where you see it all the time.

3. Your Playbook

So, you've got a way to stay on top of your game . . .but what's your game? Here's where it becomes very important to establish your goals (personal, family, career, etc.) and then decide how much of your time you want to devote to each one. Let's say you are working your Younique Business alongside a full time job, as so many Presenters are. You would like more personal sales and would like to grow a team but only have a few hours a week to dedicate. Consider a plan of action like this one: Each day, post 1-2 times on personal facebook page about younique/younique products. Each day send 2 personal emails/fb messages about the opportunity and 2 personal emails/fb messages following up with customers asking them to host a party. This has you reaching out to a minimum of 10 people a week not including your fb page posts. This will most certainly move your business forward with very little time spent. Want even faster results? Bump that gameplan up and reach out to 4-6 women every day!

If you want to build a personal gameplan tailored to your life, contact me to schedule a coaching session!

XO, Jesse

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