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Mindsets Towards Math

We all know how important it is to read to children from a young age, but not many people think about the importance of talking about math with children from that same young age. Some parents may feel intimidated by math, but it is as simple as talking about numbers, shapes and patterns. The power these conversations can have on children is irreplaceable. Children can begin to develop a strong math identity from a young age, and allowing them to develop that identity will support their math learning throughout their time in school.

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Talking to your child about math can be simple. Here’s one of our favorite math routines, Which One Doesn’t Belong. You present your child with one of the images that contains four quadrants. The goal is to decide which one doesn’t belong and why. Check this one out!

Can you come up with a reason for each one?

Big picture

Here’s another fun example that can allow children to begin to share their thinking about fractions.

Big picture
The beauty of these problems is that there is no wrong answer. Children are just sharing their observations and making sense of what they see. These types of problems allow people to see the beauty of mathematics and understand that one problem may have many different solutions based on your perspective.

Which One Doesn't Belong... in the classroom!

Check out this group of students at Winston Campus Elementary School engaging in a Which One Doesn’t Belong. Melissa Teuscher, Instructional Coach
Which One Doesn't Belong? Winston Campus Elementary Instructional Coach Melissa Teuscher

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