Multi- Cultural Inquiry

Emily Hoppie Pre- AP English 1


The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Culture is a word for people's way of life and how they do things with in their society. There are many things that make up a culture. There are customs and traditions, language, religions, arts, governments, and many more that all tie in to cultures. Because there are so many different cultures, people have endured many conflicts and struggles with in society. There are problems with people judging other cultures by the standards of their own, and assuming that they are the best, this is called ethnocentrism. Also a problem that we face with having different cultures is racism. Some people believe that one racial group is naturally superior than another.


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People who believe in Buddhism are mostly Asian, such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Tibetan. Monks of Buddhism wear yellow or orange robes, this comes from the idea of wearing cheap clothes to protect them selves from the weather. Buddhists can worship in temples, meditation centers, or even at home. They worship anywhere as long as the will is there. Buddhists worship someone who lived long ago named Buddha. Buddha started the religion and taught the people of that religion. They believe in reincarnation, which is the belief that once you die you are born again into a new body. Buddhists also practice meditation often. They have a custom called The Sacred Mandala, which is a visual of the universe that is painted, imagined, or created with colored sands. This helps Buddhists to reach enlightenment. Some challenges that have occurred with the Buddhism religion, is that there are a lot of things like the government and where the Buddhists live, that have influenced there religion causing a loss of people that practice the Buddhist religion.


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Literature and Culture

Life and expiriences that people go through influences authors and composers to create literary text. Literature is like life because there is no part of life that has never been written about and the writing reflects and mirrors what people think. Even fiction reflects life because although the stories are made up, it deals with real life human problems, emotions, and situations. Literature shows the values of an individual culture by its words and what the text is trying to convince you of based on who is writing the text. Our understandings of culture and society is constructed by literature. When ever we read anything today, people tend to believe what the words are saying. They read stupid lies that people have put on the internet and believe them. Therefore literature is shaping our society. There is lots of controversy and issues based on different cultures with in our society and it is a big deal.


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Cultural Acceptance

Some method that would be useful for promoting cultural awareness would be education. I believe to completely understand cultures you need to know things about different cultures from your own and learn about them in school or out side of school. Another thing that would be good for promoting cultural awareness is visiting different places around the world, going to other countries and learning all about them. "Everyone is equal" is something that you hear all of the time, yet people in our world are still racist, and still discriminate against other cultures from their own. This is not fair, not right, and it affirms the need for cultural acceptance. Lots of things could be at steak if society chooses to discriminate against other cultures. If this keeps going on in our world today, it could potentially lead to our world being broken apart or even a having war between different cultures. People need to understand that having different cultures is a good thing and have acceptance for them.


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