The stock market Plum-its

Big falls, big hurts, big problem

Where did the money go!

When the stock crashes everybody goes to try get all there money, but they find that the banks have lost all the money because of the stocks. People we out of jobs and out and they were losing their home. at this time people are losing there hope.

Home Gets Hit Hard. So Lets Hit Back.

I feel black Tuesday like no other day because its the day all my dreams seemed to fade away. The parents were OK with being broken but they could never imagine what it would to there children or there grand-children. That what really hurts, thinking that you could have been more help. But truly no one can be the savior. We have to build from the bottom up. Than we can shake our fists in victory. Because we are America and that's the American way!

A Camera why?

People need to capture this time in there lives. They need to say " Hey kids look how we all came out of this heart break. Even stronger than when we came into it." Document this time because it will make it in the history book.

Smile more

For those with a sweet tooth in this bitter time. Here is a little sun shine in a dark place. Its proven that people eating ice cream are 80% more likely to smile that day. Buy ice cream its good for the soul.
1930's Music