Alexander The Great

The King Of All Macedonians

Who is the Prince of Macedon?

Alexander The Great, became king in 336BC hafter the murder of his father, Philip onlybeing the age of 20 when he risen to power. Immeditly embarking on a career of military conquest. He was a intelligent military stratigist, comanding 35000 troops he marched on to the asina minor and egypt and all the way to the indus river's of India. He was know for nameing most of his cities Alexander over his triamph, the Light house of Alexander postioned at "Alexander" his new Capital after his triumph.

His army consisted of well trained and loyal troops of 30 thousand Foot Soldiers and 5 thousand horseback troops, his fighting styles were adapted form the greeks the Phanlax a wall of the Sarissa(Long Spear) and bronze hoplites of royal pike men.

The army was most well know for its Heavy Horseback troops 'The Compain Cavaraly'.

He had multiple battles and won all of them, he was a true comander.

he later died of age a Babylon