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Have some extra time now that your SOL is over?

Use this time to review Internet Safety and prevent cyberbullying!

BMS students will be using lots of social media over the summer.

Teach them to protect themselves and to evaluate the sources of those texts and posts.

It is an important skill that they think they know...but often don't.

There are lots of great resources for Internet Safety with lessons already prepared for teachers.

You don't need a lot of prep work. These sites have the lessons tiered for your grade level with all the resources you need. They also have great videos - just show one their great videos and lead a classroom discussion. You'll be amazed at what you can learn from your students!

Common Sense Media

A great resources with lots of lessons and videos as well as information about resources for using technology in your classroom. The lesson include videos, handouts and discussion guides on all subjects from Digital Footprints to Copyright.


This site has some great animated videos with lessons too. The site is divided for Kids, NSTeens (pre-teens) and Teens. Use whatever level is appropriate for your students. Some of the teen videos may be a bit disturbing since it includes internet child predators, so please preview. All of the information may also be downloaded onto your computer so that internet bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. It also has video games to reinforce the lessons if you can get time in the computer lab.


This site doesn't have lessons but does have videos and links to other site with good information on cyberbullying and internet safety. Use this as a clearinghouse for information.

Discovery Education

Don't forget about Discovery Education which also has some great videos, discussion guides and teacher-created lessons about Internet Safety. Just use your account to search Internet Safety.

If you need to set up your teacher account, send me an email, and I will be glad to do it for you.

Want to try a lesson?

A lesson can be as simple as watching a video and leading a discussion. If you want a true cyber experience, set up a blog using Kid's Blog or Today's Meet and have the students chat about the subject "online" in a closed online environment. Students can chat with other students in the class but not outside and you can monitor it all for a grade. I will be glad to stop by and show you how.

Internet Safety is a SOL for 6-8. An SOL that may protect a life...

C/T 6-8.3 Make responsible decisions—grounded in knowledge of digital safety and security best practices—that pertain to various digital communication tools and methods.

A. Demonstrate knowledge of basic practices related to online safety.

  • Use best practices for online safety as defined by the division’s online safety program.
  • Apply the division’s acceptable use policy to everyday situations.
  • Model appropriate, legal, and ethical behavior in all technology use and technology-supported environments.

B. Discuss and model responsible behaviors when using information and technology.

  • Identify reasons for taking security precautions when using any technology, especially those related to the Internet.
  • Demonstrate responsible behavior, such as using strong passwords and avoiding high-risk activities.
  • Identify examples of inappropriate or bullying online behavior and demonstrate an understanding of the reasons why such behavior is inappropriate in a civil society.
  • Identify differences between healthy and unhealthy virtual relationships such as bullying and practice positive responses to problems.
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility for online behavior, especially in social media settings.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the potential social, economic, and legal consequences of inappropriate online behavior.

C/T 6-8.4 Exhibit personal responsibility for appropriate, legal, and ethical conduct.

A. Demonstrate an understanding of “fair use.”

  • Apply knowledge of copyright and “fair use” when developing presentations, products, and papers.

B. Demonstrate an understanding of current copyright laws.

  • Identify copyright laws that impact student work.

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