Japan's School Festivals

By: Tara Chandrakasem

What if we had School Festivals like Japan?

In Japan the schools prepare fun festivals like the sports festival and the cultural festival. Both are opened to the public, family, and other student from other schools. As one festival, the sports festival, benefits the students by encouraging good health and an active lifestyle, the other benefits the school by raising money for school funds. In the end both are only fun depending on the person themselves.

Fun Facts

Cultural Festival

  • The students compeat for customers
  • There is sometimes a reward for the winner
  • The reward is sometimes money
  • Cultural festival is always run by the students

Sports Festival

  • Some people say that Sports Festival also promotes torture
  • Sports Festival is also for Japan to "catch-up" to the western traditions

Japan's Sports Festival

Japan's sport festivals or undoukai 運動会 is an activity that the whole school does that promotes an active lifestyle and good health, it is kind of like feild day. Sports festival activitys include many games like tug rope, capture the flag, volleyball, basketball, race, relays ect. Each homeroom class goes against each other in these events and usually there is an award the your teacher or school gives if you win. This event goes on usually in the hot humid seasons. the teachers first turn the courtyard into a big sports wonderland for the students. While the students are playing, family members and friends are welcome to come ad watch the students compete. At the end of the day teachers along with the students start cleaning up.

Sports Festival

Big image
A homemade head band that says good luck in Japanese kanji form for the sports festival.


Japan's cultural festival or 文化祭 Bunkasai is an activity that the whole school participates in on either doing small skit, performance, themed cafe, game ect. for the public entertainment. This event also benefits the school by raising money into the school funds, and sometimes there is an award for the class that raises the most money. The students first start planning ideas in May then once they finally come up with one they confirm it with the student council. With their approval they then book a room start practicing or preparing on any time they find, but they aren't allowed to work on it outside of school. On the day of the cultural festival the students get ready finishing up the room or setting up a booth in the front or the courtyard on the school. The bunkasai is then opened on Saturday till the morning the afternoon for mainly family, teachers, or other school students. The cultural festival also begins on the next day, Sunday, now allowing the public to enter.

Cultural Festival

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This is a flyer a student has made in Japan that says Kanagawa Prefectual Yokosuka High School Cultural festival, and also says May 20-21 in orange along with positive words.
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A handmade flyer used in the cultural festival that is selling food in a booth called tamayaki which in run by students.