Characteristics of Life

By: Ashley Pyne and Jillian Hurrell

5 Characteristics of Life

1. Reproduction- the production of offspring.

2. Organization- all organisms have an orderly structure.

3. Adaptations & evolution-Organisms live in a constant interface with their surroundings or environment.

4. Growth & Devlopment- The increase in the amount of living material and the formation of new structures. All changes that take place during an organism's life is known as development.

5. Response to Stimulus- Anything in the Organisms external or internal environment that causes the organism to react.

Scientific Method

Steps to Scientific Method:

1. Observation- Problem/Question

2.Hypothesis-explanantion that can be tested.

3.Testing-Observation or expierement to test the hypothesis

4.Conclusion- Results are analyzed

a.Accept/Reject the hypothesis


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