By: Stephenie Meyer

Main Characters

  • Bella Swan: Bella is a high-school student who goes to live with her dad and ends up falling in love with one of the Cullen's
  • Edward Cullen: Edward is who Bella falls in love with. He is apart of the Cullen vampire family
  • Jacob Black: Bella's friend, who has a crush on Bella
  • Esme & Carlisle Cullen: Edward's adoptive vampire parents
  • Alice: Edward's adoptive sister; she supports Edward's relationship with Bella the most
  • Jasper: Jasper is Edward's adoptive brother and Alice's boyfriend
  • Rosalie: Edward's adoptive sister; supports Edward's relationship with Bella the least
  • Emmett: Edward's adoptive brother; he is the "younger" sibling
  • Charlie & Renee: Bella's parents; they split up when Bella was very young

Book Summary

In "Twilight", Bella moves to Forks with her dad, Charlie. When she gets there she meets with an old friend, Jacob. When she gets to school she notices Edward; when they finally meet in class he's very mean to her. The next day, he doesn't come to school. When he finally returns to school he is nicer to Bella. He even saves her from a car crashing into her. That weekend, Bella goes on a trip to the beach wither her friends and Jacob tells her that the Cullens are rumored to be vampires. Bella starts to realize that she really likes Edward. On a trip out of town, Bella almost gets attacked by some guys, but Edward comes to her rescue.They go to dinner, and Edward reveals that he's a vampire. That night, Edward stays with Bella and watches her while she's sleeping. The next day, Bella officially meet the Cullens. Later on, they are playing "baseball" and some other vampires come. One of the vampires want to eat Bella, but the Cullens get her away for a little bit of time. Since the vampire is a tracker, he finds Bella. When he finds her he bites her, but Edward rescues her again. He sucks the venom out her bite, he almost drunk too much of her blood. After her recovery, Bella argues with Edward because he refuses to change her into a vampire. In the end, Edward surprises Bella, and takes her to prom.,

Major Conflict

The major conflict of "Twilight", is that the tracker was trying to get Bella. The Cullens had to make a plan to get the tracker vampire away from Bella. In the end, Bella is almost killed by the vampire,but the Cullens save her and kill the tracker vampire.


I would recommend this book, if you like sci-fi/vampire books. If you read this book, i would also recommend reading the other three books in the series.
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