Australian National Identidy

by Chloe Willis

The ANZAC legend

The ANZAC legend is a concept which suggest that Australia and new Zealand soldiers possess share characteristics of those soldiers in WW1


the bogan is a person who gets drunk all the time.

the lucky country

Australia is the second luckiest country in the world.

were are good for education jobs and others stuff.

national symbol and dress

the National anthem, Australian national Flag,national colours

Australians dress mostly in t-shirt , shorts and thongs

Aussie tradition

bbq, the beach, dressing up,pool parties , local parks, watching football

aboriginal Folkore

Examples of Aboriginal Folklore

The great hairy man

the rainbow serpent

who the kangaroo got its pouch

the outback

Australia's desert landscapes, regarded as the ‘outback' of Australia, are a powerful symbol of place, and have inspired and helped define Australia's identity. The desert is part of the mythology of rugged survival in a harsh climate.

the bush

What is it about 'the bush' that is so special to Australians? The bush has an iconic status in Australian life and features strongly in any debate about national identity, especially as expressed in Australian literature, painting, popular music, films and foods.

the beach

Most of Australia's population lives close to the coastline and the beach has long occupied a special place in the Australian identity. The Australian coastline is where three of the world's great ocean's meet: the Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans. The beach is also a place where people from all over the world meet, mix and live.