Homophobia in Jamaica

By: Abby Russell


Men in Jamaica have been framed as criminals just for expressing their love. Discrimination and violence are being faced by lesbian, gay, trans gender, bisexual, and intersex people. Human rights are being abused by all of these people because of their gender identity.

Jamaican people

Crimes for Same-sex Relationships

LGBTI people are facing high discrimination for the way they live their lives. Some have been executed for same-sex relationships. They've been put in unlawful detention. Been accused of harassment. Also, subjected to violence.

Freedom of Expression

LGBTI Jamaicans have been denied freedom of expression. Activists organizing Pride events were banned by inadequate policemen. They tried to ban them for violence.
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IDAHO was made to draw attention to the police, leaders, social movements, the public, and the media to help stop protesters. In 1990 they made homophobia a mental disorder and every year on March 17 the World Health Organization commemorates this.


Jamaica has allowed their leaders, policemen, and other high figures to discriminate the LGBTI people who just want to love who they want to love. To this day they still put men behind bars for 10 yrs if seen in same-sex contact.
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