By - Chloe Ritchey

About the Book

The title of the book is Airhead by Meg Cabot, and it is the first in the series of three. This is an amazingly entertaining young-adult fiction, that you never want to end. This book is a really heartfelt, romantic love story that you won't want to put the book down. Airhead may not sound like it, but it is one that is so compelling that it is heart pounding. The main characters, Nikki and Emerson make the story even more compelling. Nikki is very mean, but she has some perks, like she is very talented. You think that being a supermodel is just walking around the stage in very fashionable and expensive clothes, but Emerson tells you that being a supermodel is very hard. Emerson is the complete opposite, she is very sweet, and understanding, but if she needs to, she will stand up for herself, because she is an independent woman. Emerson disagrees with herself quit a lot, she has very much conflict with herself, not so much others, but she does have some conflict with herself in this brilliant book. I hope you guys go out and grab the book, and when you are done with Airhead, grab the second book in the series, Being Nikki, and then the third one, Runaway.

Short Summary

Airhead is about two girls named Nikki and teenage supermodel, and Emerson a teenage tomboy. Emerson's sister Frieda, wanted to go see her favorite singer Gabriel Luna. Emerson, Frieda, and Emerson's best friend Christopher, all went to Stark to go see Gabriel. Nikki went to Stark to sign autographs, because Nikki worked for Stark Enterprises. Emerson's sister, went up to get an autograph from Nikki, and a flat screen TV overhead was about to fall on Frieda when Emerson push Frieda out of the way and fell under the TV. The TV killed Emerson, and at the same time, Nikki had a problem with her head, so they both went to the hospital at the same time, and when Emerson woke up her brain, was in Nikki's body. The past few months Emerson had been asleep, the doctors have been giving her and Nikki a brain transplant. I would tell you more, but I want you to read the book yourself, so go out, grab the book, and lay in your bed all night reading Airhead.

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Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!