Love is Happiness

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What is Blissland?

Blissland is where everyone loves each other, the earth, and all things on it. It's is a beautiful, bright city in the rocky mountains. Some major laws guiding

the community are to do nothing to harm or hurt anyone verbally or physically.

Why is Blissland here?

Blissland exists because there needs to be a little more happy in the world. And a good way to feel happy is to feel loved by those around you. If everyone lives their whole life loved and never hurt then there would be a lot less murders and sadness.

Why should you come here?

You are a very unique and deserve to be treated with love. You should never feel sad because someone made you feel that way. But that also means that you need to not make people feel that either. You must treat everyone with love, understanding, and respect. And they will treat you that way too.

all you need is love! love is all you need!

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American Dream

The "American Dream" is all about opportunity in a new place. But opportunity means to have the same chance at something, but it doesn't mean that you get the same result. Which is good because being unique is what makes you successful. There is plenty of opportunity in Blissland. Don't worry about losing it. Because there's more around the corner.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

The difference is that Firefighters were burning people because they were different. In their mind, different is dangerous. Hurting people in Blissland is forbidden. Also, Guy didn't feel loved by his wife, more like misunderstood and ignored. People in Blissland love and respect people.


Some people might get really upset about hunting because people love meat but you're killing animals.

join our beautiful city today!

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