Education Reform

"Education will Give Us a Better Future"

Reform Movement

Horace Mann was the leading educational reformer. He was a secretary of the Massachusetts board of education. He sponsored many reforms such as longer school years, higher pay for teachers, and a large public school system during 1815-1860. He believed that public education had the power to become a stabilizing and equalizing force in society.

Motivation for Education Reform

Middle class reformers were motivated for this reform because they feared the future of the republic that numbers would grow of uneducated poor people both immigrants and native born. Also during the Second Great Awakening the religious enthusiasm helped the growth of private colleges. Also many people believed that if children had education they would escape poverty and become good citizens.

Key Event

Horace Mann becomes the secretary of the Massachusetts State board of Education in 1837. This event is significant because Mann works hard to look for funds for the schools, and better training for teachers. His believe gains national audience.

Relationships to other Movements

The Education Reform relates to the Women Right Movements because they are both looking for rights that will help the country future. They both work for a goal to receive a right we should have.
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Why help Out?

-people deserve the right to an education

-it will help the country's future become better

-it will help create good american citizens


People who donate a small amount of money will get their name to be the name of a school.

People who donate a good amount of money will be able to get their name to be the name of the school and will be able to make design schools.

People who donate a large amount of money will get their name to be the name of a school, will be able to design schools and make decisions, and they will be known for their contributions for many years.


To advertise this reform i will create a website that explains the reform and why people should help. In this website people will be able to donate whatever the amount they want. I will also do a public speech to attract wealthy people and convince them to donate to this Education Reform since it will help the future of the country.


We are not Responsible if the schools are not successful because they start wasting government money or don't contribute to the country's future.