Welcome to Long Island!!!!!!

By Hollis Woods

Little Bit About Me!!!

My name is Hollis Woods. I am a foster child. But I now live with my best friend Steven, and his family. I am so happy to finally have a family. And Long Island is where it all happened! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Long Island, New York

Welcome to our beautiful town located in New York City. When you think of Long Island you think of beautiful vacation homes, and there are. Like the one where I used to live with my best friend Steven. But there is a lot more to Long Island, let me tell you.

Fun Things

If you are like me you would want to know some things that you can do while you are here. That is why below I have listed some fun classes and things to do.




-art classes


Watch Out For Different Animals!!!!!


  • deadly birds
  • eat fish and bugs
  • swoop down and attack people


  • eat mice and small animals
  • their venom is deadly
  • don't be surprised to find one in your backyard or garage

Frequently Asked Questions

I am always asked the question "What are some tips for surviving school?" Well me, Hollis Woods I don't like school in general. I never really went to school. I tricked my foster parent Josie, into not taking me to school. Some tips for surviving school would be to be careful of the friends you pick, attempt to get good grades, and be nice to your teachers. Those are things that will get you through the year.

Hardest Thing!!

The hardest thing about adjusting to a new life here is the people!! You need to make sure you are hanging with the right crowd. All that means is make sure that who ever you are hanging out with is nice, kind, and good. I have never made that mistake and I hope you don't too.

What You'll need!

If you are taking a trip here I would bring...

  • money
  • phone
  • backpack or purse
  • car (be careful driving-don't go on any mountains) - learned from experience
  • Friend (don't go alone)
  • food

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We are the People Of Long Island!!!

As you can see while you're here there are ,many fun things to do, and there are many ways to survive school. Believe me when I tell you that all of this information is true, not from the internet, but from experience!
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