JFK Assassination

Danielle Prechtel

Who, what, when, where, why

This tragity happened to John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 at 12:30p.m. John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. There are many theories to how JFK was assassinated that day. (Mary Ferrell, pg 1)

Media Portrayed Perspective #1

One perspective over JFK assassination is the magic bullet theory. This bullet was shot through John F. Kennedy's back and exited his throat. Then the bullet went into John Connellys's rib cage and ended up exciting through his knee.

Media Portrayed Perspective #2

Another perspective about the JFK assassination is the conspiracy involving a man with a black umbrella. On that November day at Dealey Plaza, it was warm and sunny. There was no need for rain gear. Yet, this man had an umbrella. The site of where the gun shots were fired was where this mysterious umbrella man was standing. With numerous conspiracies about what happened to the president on that November day, it is difficult for the Warren Commission to pinpoint if the umbrella man shot JFK.

Media Bias

The type of media bias you read in JFK articles is source selection. Source selection is when the author only gets certain sources to back their side of the story. Many authors that have published an article about the JFK assassination only have one set of sources that help back their article. So, these authors use source selection to justify their story when reporting what they believe to have happened during the JFK assassination.

Criticism #1

The first major criticism I noticed when researching this event is historical criticism. The events that happened on this day have been twisted into many different stories. Many people have conjured up stories over the years about what happened on that historical day. Even though the Warren Commission came out with a report of there being one shooter, there were many witnesses that claim there were multiple shots heard during this event.

Criticism #2

The second major criticism I noticed when researching this event is marxist criticism. President Kennedy was the leader of the United States and came from a wealthy family, while Lee Harvey Oswald was an ex-marine with a very modest lifestyle (Jerry Organ, pg 1, 5/2/16). Because Kennedy was the president, he had great notoriety and controlled many aspects of the United Sates. However, Lee Harvey Oswald was just an ordinary man with an ordinary job. The people who were at Dealey Plaza were not there to see Oswald. People who went to Dealey Plaza that day were there to see John F. Kennedy. Could Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK is because Oswald was envious of JFK's money and popularity?
John F Kennedy's last moments - JFK Assassination



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