Fall Newsletter

Mrs. Malatesta ~Science 7

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone to attended Back to School Night. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet new families! I'd especially like to thank the families who have donated items to room 35 from the Giving Tree that was on the whiteboard during B2SN. Thanks so much!

Upcoming Events

Lots of Labs!

We will be using Triple Beam Balances to practice measuring mass by 3 different methods and to determine how much sugar in some popular drinks among 7th graders. We will also be determining bounce patterns of golf balls and competing to guess the exact number of M&M's in a jar. Students got within one M&M last year. It's no longer a guessing game, it's Science!

Metric and Graphing Test

Students just took their Metric and Graphing Exam and did AMAZING despite me being out for a Technology Leader training and out for Jury Duty. Thank you for being patient with my slower than usual response time as technology was not permitted in the selection room. On a side note, my apologies for multiple email notifications and late first newsletter as the Power School email feature wasn't activated until recently.