Dr. Wise

Kinetic and Potential Energy

I can identify energy as the ability to do work.

I can understand that energy and work are measured by the same unit, the joule.

I can differentiate from potential energy and kinetic energy.

Potential and Kinetic Energy for Kids
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mechanical energy

Thermal Energy

I can define the following science vocabulary words: conduction, conductor, convection, heat, insulator, radiation, temperature, thermal energy.

Forces, Motion, and Work

Change in Motion

I can define the following vocabulary words in science: acceleration, force, friction, gravity, inertia, motion, newton, speed, and velocity.
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Simple Machines

I can identify work and simple machines.
Bill Nye The Science Guy - Simple Machines

Lesson 3: Magnets

I can identify an electromagnet.
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Scotland 2014