Shyima Hall is a hopeful and happy individual inside (before she was captured). she played and laughed, totally blind to the strugles anround her. Innocence is the thing that keeps her together. During her time with her captors she acted upon and did everything she was told, but inside she just wanted to rebell and be free.
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Compulsory education laws were first inacted in 1852. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 had to go to school for at least 6 weeks out of 12. ths relates to this story, because Shyima wasnt even aloud to go to school for even six weeks. She never got a chance to learn, untill after she was freed of her captors.
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BROKEN-This is an important vocab word because it helps describe on a deeper levle what exactly she was feeling within her. The things she went through tested her strength, but there is a point where even the strongest of individuals can't hold themselves up any longer.

HOPE-Hope is such an important word for this book, because it helps create the image of her innocence. Even through everything, she still had hope that she would see her family again.

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In the beggining the story takes place in Egypt. Shyima Hall's family was extremly poor and had little to nothing. She lived with her 10 siblings and parents in a one room apartment. her father was always gone and her mother was broken, whhilst her brothers harmed her. When she was taken into slavery, she lived in a nice house in America, where she had to care for her capters.
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Shyima's internal conflict is her strugle to stay strong. She is a very out-spoken girl, but she has to keep her mouth shut if she doesnt want to be beaten. it is hard for her to be able to keep her cool and learn to stay invisable.

Shyima's conflict in chapters 1-4 were mostly between her and herself.She constalntly wondered wether or not she had done something to deserve
the life she was living. she felt like part of it must be her fault.

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