Curriculum Update

Kelly Rebernak, NELSD Educational Supervisor

Happy New Year!

Welcome Back! I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing holiday break. As you may have noticed, I have not been able to work at each building throughout the week according to my previous schedule. This is due to some added responsibilities I have taken on as Assistant Principal at Northridge Middle School. If there is anything you need, or if you would like to schedule a meeting, please feel free to email me or call me at my new extension (1402). I will also send these newsletters during the remainder of the year to keep everyone informed of any curriculum updates within the district. Happy 2016!

Testing Updates

Additional practice materials, resources and revised test specifications are now available on the Ohio’s State Tests Portal.

  • English language arts –Sample items for grades 4-8 are now available in the Student Practice Site to join the already available sample items for grade 3 and high school.
  • Science – The Part 2 (or EOY) practices tests for grades 5 and 8 now include additional practice items. Updated test specifications are now available for all science tests in the General Resources folder.
  • Social studies – Updated test specifications are now available for all social studies tests in the General Resources folder. In addition, the Part 2 (or EOY) practice test for American history now includes additional practice items. These items will constitute an evidence-based set, which is a group of several questions associated with one or more common stimuli. Evidence-based sets allow students to work with primary source materials to show deep understanding of social studies topics. The questions in these sets will assess a range of the skills and content in the content statements.

New support documents are available in the Student Practice Resources folder on the Portal. These include:

  • Updated Practice Site Guidance Document
  • Answer keys for the sample grades 4-8 English language arts sample items
  • Updated scoring guides for the grade 5 EOY practice test, grade 8 EOY test and American history EOY test.

You will see more details and links to these resources on the department’s Practice Test and Sample Items Web page.