Husky Highlights Newsletter

December 2020

Principal's Message

Greetings Tuscarora Family,

I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this holiday season.

December is Universal Human Rights Month. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, "proclaims the inalienable rights which everyone is entitled to as a human being - regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status". For more information about Universal Human Rights month and the work of the United Nations around human rights, please visit the United Nations Human Rights Day website.

As we continue with distance learning for most of our students, I encourage students and families to reach out if you need any support. Teachers and staff are connecting with families to share opportunities for credit recovery, provide social and emotional support, and to check on progress. In this newsletter, you will find additional strategies to support students during distance learning.

Finally, I would like to express gratitude to all members of our Tuscarora community. This has been a very unusual fall. Throughout all the changes, the Tuscarora community has remained patient, kind, and generous in exhibiting grace. During this holiday season, let us continue to stay connected and in support of each other.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my staff for assistance.

Pamela Croft


Credit Recovery Deadline Approaching

Attention Students: The deadline to complete credit recovery work is Friday, December 18th. Please be sure to connect with your teacher to get the support you need to complete any missed learning from quarter 1. The following are several strategies you may wish to use to help you:

  • Schedule a Learning Lab appointment with your teacher: Learning Labs are great opportunities to have about 20 minutes of focused worktime with your teacher. You can utilize this time to ask your teacher questions, ask your teacher to help reteach a certain topic, to ask your teacher to look over some work and offer feedback, etc... Email your teacher to schedule an appointment during Learning Lab.
  • Join a "Lab" during your Study Hall: During Study Hall there are a number of subject specific labs available for students to seek additional help. These labs include Math Lab, English & Writing Lab, Reading Lab, Science Lab, and Social Science Lab. This is a great opportunity to use your Study Hall time to seek extra help in completing your credit recovery work. Using the Google Meet links, you can select the appropriate lab to seek subject specific help.
  • Schedule an appointment with your teacher: Students can also email teachers and schedule an appointment during the teachers' "office hours". These appointments may be on Mondays, or before/after school. This may be a good opportunity to have extended time working with a teacher beyond the 20 minutes in Learning Lab.

Time Management Strategies

Time management can be challenging enough during face-to-face learning, so how might we help students develop these skills in the distance learning environment?

The following strategies may help our students develop effective time management skills.

  1. Plan ahead: It is helpful for students have a calendar that includes assignment due dates, appointments, events, and tasks. Having this "big picture" perspective will help students' keep track of deadlines.
  2. Break up larger assignments into chunks: Take projects or assignments and break them into manageable chunks. This could include first drafts, second draft, research, etc... Include these chunks into the calendar as mini deadlines to the larger assignments or projects.
  3. Create a task list: Each day, look at the calendar and create a list of tasks that must be completed that day. Examples of these tasks could be: study for the math test, submit the science questions in Schoology, email the band teacher to make an appointment, etc... Be sure to stay focused on the tasks for the day and do not be distracted by doing multiple things at one time. Check off each item on your task list as you complete them.
  4. Block out time to complete your tasks: Each of the items on your task list will take time to complete. Be sure to block the necessary time in your schedule to complete each task. Be realistic with the amount of time you will need to complete each task. Include short 5-minute breaks to grab a drink and snack, check your texts, or stretch. Use a timer to help you stay focused and on schedule.
  5. Reflect on your day and plan for tomorrow: At the end of the day, look at your task list and your calendar. How did you do today? Were there any incomplete tasks that need to be moved to tomorrow's task list? Did you need to block more time in your schedule for a certain assignment? It is important to reflect on your day, identify the strategies that worked, and identify the areas you wish to improve. This process will help you be more successful with each day.

Students, do you have other success strategies you would like to share? If so, please share them with assistant principal Suyi Chuang. Your strategy may get highlighted in the next newsletter or on Twitter!

From the Testing Office

SOL testing for seniors needing one or more verified credits will be taking place on November 30th, December 7th, and December 14th. There have been email notifications sent to those seniors. If transportation is needed please email

LCPS is pleased to announce that 10th grade students will have an opportunity to participate in the PSAT NMSQT test administration on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. LCPS is aware that families of high school students are concerned about access to college admissions testing and has been working collaboratively with the College Board and our high schools to provide assessment opportunities.

The test will be administered with appropriate physical distancing and other mitigation measures in place. Students must wear a face covering (cloth or disposable) at all times, complete a COVID-19 symptom check questionnaire on the day of the test (prior to entry), and have their temperature taken upon arrival to the testing site.

Students must register to test no later than Wednesday, December 2 to participate in this PSAT NMSQT test administration. Late registrations and walk-ins will not be accepted. There is no cost to take this test and transportation is available if requested within the registration portal.

Students should use the following link to register for test participation, beginning Wednesday, November 18:

Questions may be addressed to your student’s high school Testing Coordinator,

DEADLINE DECEMBER 5th: Senior Baby Ads for Yearbook

The deadline for ordering your senior baby ads is almost here. The final day to place your ad will be December 5th.

To get started visit and enter our school code: 13699

Questions about senior baby ads? Contact Yearbook Adviser Toni Kelley (

Need technical assistance? Call the HJ help line at 1-866-287-3096

Technology Support

Is your student experiencing problems with their Chromebook or how to do something in Google or Schoology? This handy guide provides steps to solving common issues with Chromebooks and a how to guide for basic things in Google and Schoology, along with how to get help with broken devices.

Husky Athletics

Hello Husky Nation!

Winter season is upon us! Please see the information below for requirements and tryout dates:

Tryout Dates are as follows: Basketball and Sideline Cheer: December 7

Gymnastics, Swimming, and Wrestling : December 14

Competition Cheer and Football: February 4

Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Volleyball: February 15

All Spring Sports - April 12

You must have completed the online registration at and turned in a current (dated after May 1) VHSL physical to be eligible for tryouts.

Please contact Tony Tallent, Athletic Director ( or Scott Valyear, Assistant Athletic Director, ( with questions.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@TuscaroraHusky) and Instagram (TuscaroraHusky).

The Husky Athletic Booster Club is on Twitter (@AthleticHusky) and always has great information on Spirit Nights and Spirit Wear! Make sure to direct message them to get your Husky Discount Card! A great stocking stuffer!


On Friday, November 20th, THS began to implement RISE READ into our routine once again. Each Friday, for 10 minutes, students and staff will read a book of their choice to grow as a literacy community. Kelly Gallagher, a leading advocate for Sustained Silent Reading, gives us ten reasons why we should take the time to read each day:

10 Reasons to Read:

  1. Reading is rewarding. It brings pleasure and knowledge.
  2. Reading builds a mature vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you learn.
  3. Reading makes you a better writer. We learn to write by reading. We must write like readers and read like writers.
  4. Reading is hard, and "hard" is necessary. "We must keep our students from learning helplessness by emphasizing the necessity and beauty of hard work." (Page 23)
  5. Reading makes you smarter. Research supports that students who read frequently, perform well academically. "The more you read, the smarter you'll become, and the smarter you become, the more likely you'll remain sharp in your golden years." (Page 27)
  6. Reading prepares you for the world of work. Reading is the most basic of skills necessary for today's work force, especially in this 21st century.
  7. Reading well is financially rewarding. Students "need to learn that their academic behavior today plays a major part in determining their economic future." (Page 31)
  8. Reading opens the door to future learning. Strong reading is a prerequisite for all future tests. At the elementary level, strong reading skills pave the way to successful learning in middle school and beyond.
  9. Reading keeps students on the path to success. Studies show that students who read well in elementary school have greater success in their futures.
  10. Reading develops a moral compass. "Great writing matters, and by examining great works, teachers and students are provided rich opportunities to wrestle with universal ethical and moral dilemmas - the same dilemmas faced by humans centuries ago, and the same dilemmas our great-grandchildren will face." (Page 148)

To learn more about these reasons and this author, visit his Website at:

Latest in Library News!

November was Picture Book Month! Did you know that picture books increase literacy for readers of all ages? Picture books promote engagement, inspire visual thinking, increase inferencing skills and can help English learners improve vocabulary and comprehension. THS Library has a robust collection of picture books--check one out today!

The Loudoun County Public Library’s 1Book 1Community program takes place virtually this year. This year’s title is Front Desk by Kelly Yang. This emotional story tackles immigration, poverty, classism and racism through the eyes of Mia, a 10-year-old Chinese girl who helps her parents run a motel where they’re secretly housing immigrants. Pick up your copy at any library branch or download an electronic version through the website. Join the live author talk via WebEx on Saturday, December 12 from 7-8pm (password: LCPL)

Need a good book to curl up with during the winter break? Tuscarora Library is pleased to offer curbside service for book distribution! To request a book, please fill out this form. Note that due to construction, much of our collection is presently unavailable. When you request a book, we will email you to let you know if it is available. If it is, we will check it out to you and you can pick it up on Mondays when textbook distribution takes place.

Need research help? Looking for book suggestions? You can now visit the virtual library during your study hall block. Mrs. Pellicano and Mrs. Carroll are available in the library google meet (nickname: thslibrary) to help you every day from 9:30 until 4. You can also email your librarians at or for more information or help on a specific topic.

Join the THS Library Schoology Group, where you will find resources, ideas and activities that support the curriculum and promote literacy. Look under “Resources” for everything from Makerspace activities to Book Club discussions to Research Help! We are constantly updating and adding material. Join with access code J692-33CW-DJPZ7