Why are they endangered?

Basic Information.

The Pangolin is a medium sized mammal which can grow up to 100 cm and can weigh up to 33 kg. It is mostly known for its carapace made from keratin scales which is the same material as human hair.
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Why are they threatened?

These inoffensive creatures are mainly hunted for their medicinal properties. Parts of his body such as his scales are used to cure disease like asthma and rheumatism. Its meat is also very requested because it's considered a huge delicacy in Vietnam and China. Recent investigations proved that the Pangolin is the most illegally traded animal in the face of our earth with an average of 100 000 specimens captured and sold each year.
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Why is it important to conserve them?

It is important to preserve this specie because it has a huge role in the ecosystem. Its diet mainly focuses on ants. If this predator disappears, the overpopulation of ants can damage other minor but crucial species creating a chain. Thanks to its thick scales, made of keratin, the substance that also makes human hair.

Undergoing conservation projects.

There are many organisations such as the WWF that carry out projects to preserve this mysterious species. You can also find many blogs and fund-raising sites to help save the Pangolin. Here are some links.