Mrs. Abbasi's 5th/6th Grade

Weekly Newsletter

February 19th, 2016

This week, in ELA, students continued working on The Giver novel study. Students continued exploring euphemisms, and the use of euphemisms in the novel. Students also worked on characterization from the story.

In grammar, students continued working with Caught-Ya's. This Friday, Ms. El-Haggan worked with students, and no student was able to catch her out.

Students also explored prepositions and prepositional phrases in a text.

We have also been studying Unit 7 of Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary.

The Unit 7 test will be on Friday, February 26th. Please encourage your child to study daily in preparation for the test.

Letters to President Obama

Students studied the five parts of a letter and worked through the writing process to write letters to President Obama, thanking him for visiting a Mosque and giving a speech about Muslims.
Inside the White House: Letters to the President

What does being "Open-minded" mean?

This week, students investigated the Learner Profile Attribute of the month. We discussed what being open-minded means, studied various examples of open-mindedness, and how being open-minded connects with the rights and responsibilities of a Muslim.

Students then created stories and situations on a storyboard and presented their examples to the school on Thursday and Friday.

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This week, 5th Grade continued with CCSS.Math.Content.5.MD.C.3 . They finished exploring volume, and how many packages of a particular shape would fit into a box.

Next week, we will be starting CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.MD.C.4: Measure volumes by counting unit cubes, using cubic cm, cubic in, cubic ft, and improvised units.

For 6th Grade, This week, we continued working on Ratios & Proportional Relationships, CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.A.1 and CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.RP.A.3

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students understand the relationship between ratios and fractions. Students describe the fraction A/B associated with the ratio A:B as the value of the ratio A to B.
  • Students understand that when given a ratio A:B, different ratios can be formed from the numbers A and B. For example, B:A, A:(A + B), and B:(A + B) are associated with the same ratio relationship.


In last week's newsletter, I mentioned how very important it is for students to review multiplication and division facts. Students are expected to be fluent in multiplication facts to assist them with fractions, division, and algebra.

Please help your child to review facts regularly. Manga High has some fun games to help students build fluency. You may also choose to use flash cards or multiplication songs and raps.

This past week, I also assigned homework on Khan Academy. Students are expected to complete any homework assigned on Khan Academy. For any students who aren't fulfilling this expectation, this will reflect on the Term 2 report card. Please help your child login and complete any homework assigned.

Other News, Upcoming Events & Reminders

Learner Profile Attribute of the Month: Open-Minded

Please encourage students to continue working on the LP passport.

LP attributes are part of the curriculum of an IB student. It is important for students to embody the attributes in all facets of their lives.

Passports are due on March 1st.

Six-Flags Reading Challenge

Students have been working on the Six-Flags Reading Challenge in school, and should continue to read regularly at home.

All completed reading logs will receive a free Six Flags ticket for the summer!

Completed logs are due by Friday, February 26th, insha Allah.

100 Days of School

Students will celebrate 100 days of school on Friday, February 26th. We will be exploring 100 in many different ways. Stay tuned for details in next week's newsletter.

Maryland Science Center Field Trip: New Date

Last month's field trip was cancelled due to Snowzilla. The new date is Thursday, March 3rd, insha Allah. Please sign and return the permission slip sent home.

Field Trips are an important part of our UOI, and important learning experiences. Students will be taking part in an interactive enrichment experience, as well as explore the museum.

Unit 7 Vocabulary Words





















Students are encouraged to use vocabulary words in writing, as well as incorporate them in conversation. It is important for students to study the words regularly. You can also access games and other resources at

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