Unit 2: L'école et Les Amis

The verb "to be", negation, adjectives, and agreement

Bienvenue à la classe de français!

Welcome to french class. I'm going to be using this site this year to introduce my units not only to the students but to the parents as well. This will be used as a newsletter of sorts; to organize what we are covering in each class. Our main class website (located on Edmodo) will be used for online assignments, powerpoints, notes from class and videos shown. Each student has a parent edmodo passcode so if you'd like to see what our class page looks like, please ask your student to share with you the parent passcode associated with their account. They can find it on the left hand side once they've logged in.

Learning to think & speak in French

I'm continuing to add the sound files for each unit to our class edmodo page. My hope is that students will utilize that site to practice listening and speaking french. I always tell them that since I'm not at home speaking french with them they need to practice on their own as well. If they say they "don't have homework" this is always something they can be working on.

Cognates: words that look similar and mean the same thing in both languages

Take a look at the following french words. I bet you can figure out which class they are:

L'art, L'histoire, La biologie, La physique, La géographie, L'algèbre, La géometrie, La musique

Toulouse (France) and Montreal (Canada) along with Seattle, are the world’s leading cities in aerospace technology

Don't forget about Edmodo

Vocabulary Links and Sound Files

Spelling Set #1 (quiz on November 20) http://vocaroo.com/i/s0T3nTPFLJSU

Spelling Set #2 (quiz on December 4)

Spelling Set #3 (quiz on December 11)

Vocabulary set #1 (flashcards due on November 23rd)

Vocabulary set #2 (flashcards due on December 7th)

Christmas Vocabulary (just for fun)