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How Can I Drop a Grade in the OAKS Gradebook?

There may be times you'd like to eliminate a grade from a set of assignments, such as dropping the lowest quiz score. OAKS can do this automatically.

  1. Create a category for your set of assignments (such as "Quizzes" or "Reading Responses")
  2. In the Distribution area, choose distribute weight evenly across all items.
  3. Enter the number of lowest items to drop for each user.
  4. Now you can add grade items within that category (such as Quiz 1, Quiz 2, etc.).

Watch this video clip to see how it's done:

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What's the Difference Between Final Calculated Grade and Final Adjusted Grade?

While you will see both in your view of the gradebook, students will only see the one you choose to release to them.

  1. Calculated Final Grade - This is based on the grading formula you've set up in the grade book. You cannot adjust it to accommodate special circumstances without editing individual grade items and recalculating the total.

  2. Adjusted Final Grade - This enables you to modify a user’s grade before releasing it. This requires copying the information in the Final Calculated Grade then altering it as necessary.

Copying Content from One OAKS Course to Another

As you prepare your spring classes, don't forget you can copy content from an old OAKS course into a new course so you don't have to rebuild from scratch. You can copy the entire course, including grade book settings and quizzes, or you can choose specific components to copy.

Click on the link for a step-by-step tutorial:

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