MJHS Learning Lab

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dr. Riddile-isms...

Engagement Trumps Poverty!

Avoid the Void!

The Brain that Does the Work Does the Learning!

The only way we can fail is if we stop working!

We can't give up long term success for short term profit!

Learning Lab Agenda

1. 30th Year Anniversary of the Challenger Explosion- Ms. Lovelace

2.Friendly Reminders and Dr. Riddile Report Card- Mrs. Coffey

3. Engagement- Ms. Coyner

4. Appointment Clocks (Instructional Rounds Next Steps)- Mrs. Coffey

Dr. Riddile Report Card- KUDOS!!!!!

  • ALL teachers are teaching and ALL students are working!
  • More student led work, less teacher talk
  • Everyone is doing a Do Now
  • Everyone greets students at the door
  • We are moving from the "Setting Direction" phase to the "Removing Barriers" phase

Dr. Riddile Report Card- Next Steps...

Removing Barriers for Engagement

  • Light Bulbs over Active Boards
  • Chunking lessons into even smaller pieces
  • Avioding the Void!
  • Limit distractions (mentoring, flow, lunch, transition times)
  • Classroom seating arrangements- is the room arranged for the teacher or the students?
  • Formative Assessment- Based on the feedback from my FA, my next steps are to reteach or move on to the next topic... How do you know?

Building Student Willpower and Resilience

  • Chunking lessons into even smaller pieces
  • Avoiding the void
  • Limiting distractions
  • Create a purpose for EVERYTHING!
  • Engagement Trumps Poverty