Poems that I have written

By Jack Stuckenschneider

This is my I wonder poem

I wonder how football was created

I wonder if they had the same pads as we do now

I wonder who came up with the idea of football

I wonder what the first football team was

I wonder when it was created

I wonder why people like to watch it

This is my I wish poem

I wish I had a pet zebra named Rob

I wish Donald trump would burn in the fiery pits of the underworld

I wish that the African people would stop starving

I wish I had an entire school

I wish I had a turtle named Bob

This is my I used to but now I am poem

I used to be 12 now I am 13

I used to like animals but now i don't like animals

I used to be in 6th grade but now I am in 7th grade

I used to be smart but now I am stupid

I used to be in South Dakota but now I am in Iowa

This is my fee verse poem

I'm Jack I

I like to pack

To travel to places

To see lots of faces

Adam sander

Is a great handler

Of lots of humor

And spreads lots of rumors

My five poems


I like turtles

Turtles are the best

They can swim


I love to hunt deer in the morning

They come at us without any warning

I try to shoot straight

Before its to late

And get to the truck without falling.

Blank verse

The fall air is cool

I love to hunt deer

Rhymed couplets

To grandma's house I like to stay

We might go to a movie or out to eat

We find lots of stuff to do all day

Staying at grandma's is really a treat.


I miss my dog shillo so much

I miss his furry paw touch

I'd have to go find him when he ran away

I still think about him to this day