Martha Graham Dance Company

Morgan McKnight & Emily Koops

Who Started the Company/ Why it's a leading Company

Martha Graham was the one who first started the Martha Graham Dance Company. It all started when Martha found a group of students that were interested in her creative style of dance, and taught them. Students who studied at Martha Graham School have moved on to dance at Martha Graham Dance Company or the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

The Martha Graham Dance Company is one of the leading dance company's because it is the oldest dance company. It's been around since 1926.

When it Began & Where it's Based

Graham began teaching her students in 1926, and continued to teach them for 66 more years at the Martha Graham Studio.

The Martha Graham Dance Company can be found in New York, while they perform in many other places.

The Philosophy of the Company/ Style of the Company

The philosophy of the Martha Graham Dance Company is that Martha wanted to express inner meaning, she did not want it to be beautiful, she wanted it to be fraught.

The style behind the company is contemporary dance.

Number of Dancers/ Choreographer

There are currently sixteen dancers at the Martha Graham Dance Company.

The choreographer of the company was Martha Graham.

Famous Pieces

Deep Song- 1937

Danza- 1929

Land Be Bright- 1942