Library Update

April and May 2016

What We've Been Doing

In April, we celebrated poetry month with all the classes by reading and hearing lots of different poetry. Students talked about poetry, wrote poetry, used a fun online spinner to select a poem to hear, and thought about the different things poetry can tell us. It was a short month, but we also had some students learning more about Destiny, and the fourth and fifth graders voted for their favorite Great Stone Face books. They really enjoyed doing a Great Stone Face Kahoot quiz as well!

In May, we began the month thinking about art in preparation for our field trip to the art museum. The older students used online sources to find a definition and the younger students explored our art books and various styles.

Then we moved on to the Great Stone Face celebration picnic for fourth and fifth grade. this year, there were twice as many students who read at least 5 or more of the 12 books earning them an invitation to the celebration picnic. At the picnic I announced the state-wide winner, El Deafo, and drew names for prizes. Each time a student read a book they were able to enter a chance to win a prize. Prizes included Great Stone Face books from this year, Water Street gift certificates, and chances to be the first to check out one of next year's Great Stone Face books! We had a beautiful day with sunshine and popsicles! I already have the list for next year and I made sure to ask about which ones were well-suited for class read alouds. They are a variety of genres as well. It would be great if we could each read the classes at least one book. Stop by to pick out yours! I already have a few of the titles and Mrs. Gilbert will have the titles for the summer at the public library as well so the kids can get a head start!

Older students have been learning a little about Dewey and exploring the ten sections of non-fiction while looking for interesting trivia to note. Many students have been also exploring our animal and habitat sources of information, talking about being nature detectives, and how and why to learn about the environment around us.

Check my website. I often will add links pertinent to your studies on my Links and Resources page if you let me know what you are doing!

We've been previewing with a free trial that has been extended through the end of school. Please use it, look at it, let your students try it, and let me know what you think.

I enjoyed sharing some resources with many of you at the EBSCO lunch. If interested, I'd be happy to do it again and/or show you some other resources as well.

Collection Stats

Check outs

May - 459

April - 278

May checkouts:

Nonfiction - 227

Fiction - 88

Graphic Novels - 22

Picture books - 116

May Top Classes




End of Year information

It's that time again! Cleaning out desks, rooms and shelves! It just so happens that a fifth grader found a book in the classroom that belonged to one of last year's students! Thanks! I've been looking for that one!

I will be sending out lists of books that are missing from the library so that we all can help get them returned. This week is the LAST week to check out books that GO HOME. Next week, I will be happy to check out books to the classrooms, but they should not go home.