American Language and Culture Immersion

ALCI English Speaking and Listening Program Starts Oct. 6

American Culture and Language Immersion (ALCI) is a unique program for individuals who would like to improve their English speaking/listening and social skills for work and for everyday life in the US. Part of the program requires 1 day per week outside of the classroom to practice your language skills and to immerse yourself in American culture.

All lessons focus on speaking/conversation and listening

comprehension while learning grammar in the context of those conversations.

Writing lessons will cover effective email correspondence, resumes, and business letters.

Topics of difficulty for English language learners that will be covered in class include:

* Phrasal verbs

* Reduced speech (this is why you think native speakers talk so fast)

* Popular English idioms and expressions

* Vocabulary

* “Striking a conversation” and sustaining a conversation

* Active listening

* Confidence building exercises and so much more...

Program information:

When: October 6, 2014

Total class hours: 32

Where: 2323 South Voss # 203C


Group- $480


The next step for you would be to take a free assessment to determine your level. Please contact Sara for further details!


Sara Tavassoli

ALCI Director