Stop Bullying

I chose bullying because of all the devastation it causes. Its in the top three of the lead causes of death in young ages. There are people being bullied all over the world. There are different types of bullying; physical, verbally, and cyberbullying.

Who's effected

Ages 10-16 are effected because that is when everyone starts changing in their personality and looks. People judge by looks and make fun of the people who weren't blessed with looks. The ones who bully are the ones who try to be cool in front of their friends. It's why there are bullies and the bullied.

Why a Memorial?

Bullying is a problem everywhere. Everyone is effect in some way, shape, or form. If your friend was affected, a family member, or maybe you were affected. If a memorial should be made for one thing, it should be this. There are kids that are being bullied and nobody knows till it's too late. Bullying is mostly kids trying to be cool, or they have a problem at home and bring their anger out on another kid. If bullying stops, then the schools would be better, and less teen deaths will happen.

Where Would You put it?

I would put this memorial in front of Byron Nelson High School because Byron is such a popular school and a lot of people would see it. Students would see it during the summer, during school, during something after school. So many things happen at this school and what better place than in front of a school that hundreds and hundreds of people go to. That's why it should be put in front of BNHS.

My Goal

My goal is to help put bulling to a stop. Even if bullying isn't completely stopped, then at least let some people think that I'm right and help stop bullying. Have students make a change and stop bullying, they don't realize how bad the student being bullied feels about themselves until it's too late.