Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)

By: Matan Rosenberg

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Beethoven was born on March 17, 1770. His father was a music tutor for children of nobility, but his father had little talent himself. Young Beethoven was afraid of his father because his father was always drunk and had a horrible temper. When Beethoven was 17 he took his first trip to Vienna, Austria and preformed for Mozart.
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This map is a map of Vienna, Austria. Beethoven lived here after his father and mother died in Bonn, Germany.
Beethoven, Symphony 3 ("Eroica"), 2nd movement (funeral march)
This is Beethoven's 3rd symphony also known as "Eroica". This is the second movement of this song. This song was dedicated to Napoleon. The second movement of this song is played at particularly sad events such as the death of John F Kennedy and the 1972 Olympic shooting.

Other known music by Beethoven includes:

  • Symphony no.5
  • Symphony no.9
  • Symphony no.2

Additional Facts About Beethoven

  1. Beethoven was famous for his temper, his anger was legend
  2. Beethoven spent 4 years of his life attempting to gain custody of his nephew


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